Aashiqah G Giveaway

Salaam All.

I hope your are all well. It’s already the last ten days of the Ramdaan, and with that the fast approaching Eid day. With that in mind, Aashiqah G has kindly given me three of those totally cool scarf pins as a give-away to all you lucky readers!

_MG_4413 _MG_4420 _MG_4428 _MG_4436 _MG_4449


All you have to do is:

1. Like memrsme page.

2. Like the Aashiqah G page.

3. Comment on the Facebook Post on how you could style the feather piece and what colour you prefer.

4. Share the Facebook post.

Winner will be chosen at random. A total 3 Winners will be chosen and the they will be announced on Wednesday 15 July 2015,  In sha Allah! Get liking and sharing friends!


Love memrsme and Aashiqah G!



  1. Pin it on the side let it hang down or at the back of the head.The white and blue colours is so pretty!

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