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Asalaamu alaikum everyone! I hope that these last few weeks have been treating you all well. Life has as it always does taken over for me. I have moved again and will be moving again later in the year In sha Allah. It has been a manic crazy few months and I’m lucky to even get a chance to breath. All in all though its good to be busy for anyone.

In mid January, I attended the Cape Town blogger meet. I had been looking forward to this event all through the last few months of 2013.  However,  I did not realise that a family get away to Goudini spa clashed with this event. When I did realise my erroneous mistake the Thursday before, I contemplated not going to the event. I struggled with really wanting to go and knowing that I had to be with my family. After all it was the last weekend our family from Australia would be in Cape Town.

The sheer fact that I was so scared to drive back to Cape Town on my own was the deciding factor. I’m all about breaking free of your own insecurities and fears and driving long road is a big one for me. I set off driving with a million thoughts running through my mind and dua on my lips. If ever there was a story of overcoming your fear and pushing your own boundaries this was it for me. To top it all MrMe and I had argument before I left. The fear made me snappy.

I formulated this entire post in my mind as I drove. Sooner or later I was passing Canal Walk and knew that it was over. Shew!

I arrived at a cute little cafe called Shelley’s Gourmet. I loved every inch of this place with it’s detailed decor and intimate feel. The place was jam packed with women chatting away as I arrived. I managed to meet some of the blog owners of the blogs I follow and even some that I didn’t know of. Unfortunately, I did not get to meet everyone. It was really that full. I think though that because we were so many, Shelley’s Gourmet may have been tiny bit too small. This event really opened my eyes as to how many blogger are really put there and I am am sure that are so many more that could not be there.

At our tables were our names with a box of goodies and on the seat was a bagful of more goodies. To top off the feeling of being spoiled, there were women from Rain who came around to give us some wonderful shoulder massages. What a treat! The guest speakers included, Ronelle from Rain  who spoke to us about the beautiful philosophy that which Rain was built on. Fiona from Inspired Living SA spoke to us about blogging. That the main thing is to blog about something that your truly passionate about and that there are so many blogs out there that you need to find your own voice in order for you to be able to stand out from the crowd.

Lucky draws took place throughout the event.  I won some nail polish (still thinking about what I’m going to do with it). We were also given a pair of Tomy Takkies to design. The best design would win a mystery prize which was a lovely summer dress. I didn’t stay for dessert, because soon,  I had to leave and a message from Ebrahim saying the kids missed, me made me miss them!

Well done to Lauren of Lip Gloss Ninja who did an amazing job organising the event and getting so many sponsors on board. The bag of goodies was really heavy and filled to the brim with so many wonderful products and gift vouchers.

I didn’t manage to shoot what I wore on that day, so the look post for the event will come soon In Sha Allah! Until then lovelies keep it you but keep it modest. Please follow me on Instagram, Twitter and  like my Facebook Page.

Aneesah of The Glam Locket
Siyaam from Simply Siyaam
Rushda of Rube’s Closet
Rushda getting her massage on

The Neck Piece I wore. 
Lauren of Lip Gloss Ninja
Fiona from Inspired Living SA
Ronelle of Rain
True beauties, Siyaam and Anja of Glitz and Grammar

Representative from IVO health speaking to us about
oral health care and about the box of oral health products we received.

I hope you guys enjoyed the pics!

Much Love

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