Attendance | Hijab Fashion Week SA – Day 2

Salaam all you wonderful people! So that time of the year has come around again, it is almost the start of our holy month, and as frivolous as it may sound, we all begin to start thinking… EID clothes, but for a lot of people they want to get this issue out of the way before the holy month begins and ultimately the bustle begins. Hijab Fashion Week SA has come at the right time.
Last year in my blog post, post the first Hijab fashion week SA, I mentioned that it would be better if it was held over more than one day and to have more designers showcased. This year it was held over two days and there were many talented designers on show.
I unfortunately I could not make the kick off event but I managed to go the second and last day. I feel very disappointed in not having attended the first day. In any event the second day was a great success with coffee and tea and mocktails served. With also a pop up boutique available, we could have a cup, shop and mingle.
Hijab Fashion week SA was held at the DAG furniture’s and I must say even though I preferred the scenic atmosphere of the Atlantic Imbizo where last years event was held, this ones venue did give us a cosy homelike feel with some very lavish and comfy furniture we could watch the show from.
The day that I attended, Fabulous in Hijab, Wimsy, Msquared, Momo Fashions and Ragmah Taliep was on show.
My favorite item was a salmon maxi skirt from Ragmah Taliep, and I absolutely loved what Abashiya wore at the show. The Wimsy Hijab pins are simply amazing and if you don’t have one they are a must and will undoubtedly glam up your eid outfit. 
It was such fun catching up with fellow hijab bloggers, chatting about the short falls of the industry and the immense possibilities. It is very true that the Hijab fashion industry and Hijab bloggers on the whole are very underrated, especially here in South Africa. If you compare us to the bloggers overseas they are all seen as very relevant. This may be another blog post on its own as I feel if I go into more depth I may defer from the topic at hand.
In all it was great to chat with the other women and view some fashion at the same time. Here is to next year being an even bigger success, with many more days and Designers added to the show. 

Mushrah Hartley of Modest Muse
Wimsy’s amazing pieces.
Fabulous in Hijab’s detailed Mermaid dress

Zaida Howell, I also loved her outfit. 

My girl Faziela is Expecting a Covered Clique baba!!
From Msquared, chatting with the girls. 

The beauties of Sisters in Hijab
Love Abashiya of Fabulous in hijab’s outfit!!
Faziela from blog Covered Clique and Designers Zaitoon from Europa Design Emporium

Abashiya’s Sister Gadijah Khan (designer of brand GKD Designs ) and
The lady from the Walk in Closet (Maaf I didn’t get her name) 

For more pictures check out.
and also Habeeba Khalfe who took the photos of the event. 
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