Attendance | Hyde & Seek Leather Launch Party

Salaam everyone! I was lucky enough to attend the Hyde and Seek Launch party this past Tuesday at the Grand daddy Hotel. I have been eying these bags for a while now and when I heard that they were having a launch I just knew I had to be there!

Alleyah Kader, the power-house behind Hyde and Seek leather, was too sweet to invite me on the last minute! I was beyond excited! Nervous though, to be completely honest! This was my first event invited as blogger of memrsme. I felt slightly under pressure not sure what to wear and how I would be received as a hijabi/turban wearing blogger. Alleyah spotted me as I walked in and that immediately set the tone, this meant she recognized my face so must have read a post or two! – which roughly translates to friendly – to me. 

After which I immediately gravitated toward the bag display and wow was I surprised. I literally oohed and aaahed as I grazed my hands over the plush leather. Honestly, the pictures you see just do not do justice to these beauties! Each piece embodies the word statement and are beautifully hand crafted and hand stitched. Alleyah’s love of leather which lead her down this path can truly be felt in each piece.

As I walked around a bit I bumped into Siyaam of Simply Siyaam and Ibtisaam of Stitched the blog and met Farrah of House of Mia and Cleopatra of Cleopatra Marco blog. Lucky me, since I was all-alone at this event, feeling like a bit of a fish out of water. I also introduced myself to a few of the other attendees one of which started a conversation with me and raised the point of women being banned to drive in the east. She raised some poignant questions, which I feel may deserve it’s own post.

After some mingling and nibbling of the lovely display of yumminess, Alleyah introduced herself and her team, which consists of her husband, herself and her sister.

The guest speaker, actress Roxy Marosa spoke about the power of I am. This was a good talk on how looking at yourself and how you perceive yourself to be and how that plays out in your life. The words “I am” dictates who we are and that we must acknowledge our worth because everything in your life is the way it is because of who you deem yourself to be. Leaving us with the notion that we should not let life dictate what life is. We must forge our own, based on how we feel about ourselves. We were asked to do a small dancing and hand clapping, which did good to help to loosen the guests up.

I must be honest though, that being an animal lover and if I had the time an animal rights activists too, the uniqueness of the bags threw me a bit, but I managed to chat with Alleyah about this.  She assured me, that the leather comes from reliable and absolutely sustainable resources. Materials are only locally sourced and made so you are sure to be getting a proudly South African product!

Be sure to check out the entire range as each piece is timeless and is truly an investment. It will make an awesome gift to anyone! (hint hint!, nudge nudge!)

Envelope bag love!!
Gorgeous red Tote
Alleyah Kader
How cute are these replica cupcake toppers!
Pretty blogger babes!
THE Croczilla Tote!
Beaqutiful Decor by Alleyah’s sister Safeyah.
Roxy Marosa
Siyaam doing her thang!


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