Attendance | Meeting Fellow bloggers at Hijab Fashion Week SA

Assalaamualiakum lovelies! I have been without a machine for some time now, and I am so back logged with work and intended blog posts. Being computer less has really left me feeling like my life stood still, and being the main reason for lack of activity on my blog. It has also been holiday for my family and I have chosen to rather spend some days with them then to sit behind a computer to blog.

 I have loads of editing to complete and loads of posts I want to do. This is my first attempt at getting back on track, in terms of blogging because obviously, work had to come first. This will be a quick post on me attending the Hijab Fashion Week SA event. The venue was stunning and the attendees awesome!! I got to officially meet Saara of Minimal Exposure and Fatima and Nurunisa of Sisters in Hijab. I also met a few other bloggers, Faziela Davids of Covered Clique and Habeeba Khalfe, (please maaf me as I forget the name of her blog).  Meeting these awesome women was a big highlight for me.  The show catered for Fashionable in Hijab and Accentuate swimwear. Since it was dubbed Hijab Fashion Week SA, I think moving forward I’d like to see some more designers added to the line up and perhaps having it over one or two days. Having more designers and people involved could really just add to the shows appeal. I hope you enjoy the pictures that I did not edit! Eek! Sorry! No time.

Fatima Squared!!
Saara, Fatima, Nurunisa and me. BTW look at the lovely skirt
Saara is wearing! She made it herself!

Faziela Winning with the lucky draw 
I won some great Hijab pins from Wimsy!

Nurunisa winning a Maher Zain ticket

So much catching up to do! I hope you enjoyed the pictures at least, until I have the time to put more effort into writing a post.

Much Love


  1. Salaam Fatima,
    Only getting a chance to read this now, really loved meeting you :)
    We should open up a company called “Fatima Squared” haha!

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