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Assalaamu Alaikum  Everyone.

I greet you with the universal greeting of peace.

It has been a crazy start to the new year where I had anticipated a small week break and self motivated ‘leave” if you will, before the next few weddings that I have the privilege of photographing. Alas, there are so many other things that really prevent me from really taking ‘leave’. Can I take leave from my own life? I think not. I have been struggling to get posts out and even worse to take the time for look posts, but, enough of that.

In late January, I attended the much anticipated ‘Sisters in Support’ Fashion show  spear headed by ‘Sister in Hijab‘, ‘Stickers for Palestine‘ and ‘Little Big Event Planners‘, in aid of Palestine. For many of us Palestine remains very close to our hearts and during the Ramadaan there was so much beauty and the intense feeling of unity and support of Palestine.

Ramadaan is extra special though. In Ramadaan we are all so focused and Allah (swt) bestows us with something inexplicably wonderful during the fasting month and when it is over, its over. You can feel it like a wind that was knocked out of you and it’s all too easy to go back to your usual daily. Similarly, that feeling of unity in support of Palestine also seemed to fade. Don’t get me wrong though,  I am in no way saying that people don’t still support, there is no way anyone can be human and not support this cause, it’s just so easy to forget and goon with our daily lives. Alghamdulillah, there are so many organisations and individuals, that have made it their lifes work to help and in that way the support will truly never fade.

In this regard, I stand up a salute Sister in Hijab for striving to continue the awareness and support

The ‘Sister in Support’ Fashion Show, was a wonderful show of local talent showcasing their latest ranges, it was an opportunity to meet other bloggers and various media of the Islamic circles and it also imparted the  feeling of purpose for the attendees.  This fashion show gave those local designers a great platform to showcase their work and also to contribute to the cause, in that each designer donated a piece of which was put on sale and the proceeds would add to the fundraising. It was held at the Old Mutual meeting hall, which was perfect, we could mingle in the foyer during recess, of which the vast space gave the feeling of relaxation. The hall itself was set up wonderfully to perfectly enable showmanship.

Among the Designers showcasing was, Akliviti, Europa Design Emporium, Accentuate, Mod-ish, Aaraa by Yasaar Hendricks, Miss H and Elegant Muslima. It was jam packed with goodies from Dodge City Milkshake vouchers, Bo Kaap Kombuis meal vouchers, signed copies of Rogeena Kenny’s book titled, ‘Empowered’ and so much more! The show as broke up in two segments and during the short recess, we were given some tasty nibbles, an opportunity mingle and to take some photos at the photo-booth. I unfortunately couldn’t make for  the second half  of the show but I’m 100% positive that I missed about on so much!!

Here are a few pictures from the show.








_MG_0519 _MG_0528

_MG_0533 _MG_0536



_MG_0555 _MG_0557

_MG_0568 _MG_0569

A little birdy told me that that they managed to raise just over R10 000 which will be donated to Gift of the Giver in aid of Palestine! Truly, a great collaboration of people and an amazing show of support by these women and to those who attended! It was a testament to what is possible when people come together for a united cause.

I wish ‘Sisters in Support’ only the best with their future philanthropy!

“Every single time you help somebody stand up you are helping humanity rise.”
Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

Lots of love


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