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Greetings my loyal readers! If your here now that means to say you are truly a loyal and insanely kind bunch! I haven’t been posting much and I’m sure that some of you have lost interest in this blog and to be honest, I really don’t blame you, but I assure you that memrsme is taking a direction that I am immensely proud of (more on that in another post). So, even though I don’t post as much, what I blog about will mean something to me, (with the odd frivolous, look post in between). Come to think about it however, I doubt there was a time, that ever posted anything that I didn’t really care about to some degree. To bring you in the know, between starting a new job, juggling my own business, and trying to make time for my kids since I now have a ‘9-5’… it’s been extra tough finding time for this blog. There truly are so many posts that are back logged.

Anyway u-turning back to posts that matter. I really want to introduce you all to two amazing women that I have met along my blogging journey. Today I will be introducing you all to Natalie. A former model, now entrepreneur Natalie owns Beauty Boutique by Natalie that is situated in Pinelands at Dr Leila’s Intergrative Wellness and Aesthetic Practice. She specialises in anything beauty related and she is so warm and welcoming. TRUST me, you have to meet her. I had the pleasure of winning a Beauty Boutique voucher from Natalie at the launch of The Dr Leila Practice.

I opted to have my lashes done. This was the second time that I had ever done my lashes. It was such a superbly pleasant and utterly relaxing experience. The Siberian Mink Lashes are not like the normal ‘falsies’ they are the closest to the real thing.  I didn’t want to come out looking like a deer caught in headlights and Natalie’s reassurance made me feel at ease. She was so gentle that, I may or may not have dosed off during the session.

To my utter surprise, they were so light that I found myself frequenting the mirror to make sure that they were actually there! If lashes isn’t really your best feature, trust me, these are the ones you want to go for. Natalie showed me a comparison between the Siberian Mink and the normal lashes and there was definite difference. There were so many days when make up wasn’t on the table because I felt like the lashes were enough. 2 weeks later though, I am going to have them soaked off as my lashes have grown some, making a few look skew, on top of that I’m not the most gentle of sleepers… Sleeping on you face ie, you lashes are a big no no. With the beautiful month fast approaching us, consider this as an Eid booster.

Please check out Beauty Boutique by Natalie on facebook! She now, along with Dr Leila does Dermapen and Skin Peel treatments along with your other beauty needs,

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