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Asalaamualiakum Everyone! Alghamdulillah, we have reached the halfway mark of this blessed month! From here on out I always feel that it goes all too quickly. It will be sad to see our beloved friend leave us, with all the Barakah and Rahmah brought along. May we all make the most of these last two weeks in sha Allah! 
With all the things going on around the world, especially that of the decades of suffering of our people in Palestine, not forgetting Syria, Burma, Pakistan and the abduction of the girls of Chibok, it has left me feeling deeply depressed, angry and frankly, helpless. Here we may complain daily about our own issues, yet what we experience seems like a mere fraction if compared to the travesties that our brothers and sister face around the world. 
I would very much like suggestions how we can help the people around the world, below is a petition I signed calling on Palestine to be counted as its own State! Please sign it is the very least we can do! 
In the mean time there is some wonderful giving happening in Cape Town right now. Among them are the Paradise 4 kids orphanage, who have teamed up wit other orphanages, in providing eid clothes for the kids. This year, they have managed to clothe 300 children!!!
 A huge thank you to all the people that helped to make this a possibility. May the Almighty reward you greatly! 
Paradise 4 Kids, will be holding an Iftar with their orphans, to be held at Spur in Vangate Mall on 19th July, with each ,dal a person buys, an orphan gets a fere meal!! This will give the sponsor  a chance to meet the child and help in handing over the eid clothes! 
Spur is currently running a Ramadaan Meal, at R74.90, which includes one meal and one dessert. 
If anyone would like to assist please contact: Nazeemah on +27 60 335 8719 
Paradise 4 Kids are situated at 19 Blue Bell Street, Lentegeur, Mitchells Plain, if you would like to pop in with anything that can assist them.  You can also find them on Facebook here
I commend these ladies at P4K for their work and relentless support for these kids! 
May Allah reward, them and all of you that have assisted thus far!
Let’s make a difference and help whomever we can, whenever and however we are able!
I hope to see you all at the Palestinian Solidarity March on Wednesday, 16 July 2014 at 11AM from CPUT to Parliament! We need to show our support in some way and put pressure on our Government to intervene!
May Allah reward even the most humblest of efforts in sha Allah!
Lots of Love
Me Mrs Me

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