End of year Hustle


Hello dear friends,

This is actually funny, here I thought I had started the year on a good note with a fresh blog post and a new found feeling of accomplishment. I had a plan and intended on sticking to it. Yet here I am, almost a year later with no blog posts in between. This year has been really tough but a year that has taught me so much about myself and the people around me. The Almighty has blessed me with so many opportunities and busy seems to be an understatement. Here, it is a glorious Sunday afternoon and I  have just returned from work, having worked 7 days a week for the past 2 months. I hope this eases up soon as I feel a burnout coming on.

In between working like this, I have other personal work and personal career tasks that require attention and completion. I am surprised I have managed to shoot this look in half an hour as I had been meaning to for the longest time. With my dad being appointed a position that requires him to relocate, the emotional journey has been just as rough! How many of you out there are trying to juggle motherhood, being a working mom, blogging (trying t0 at least), your own business, fundraising and other personal or career building opportunities? I’d love to hook up with you, (geez, if I find the time) so that I can hear how you have managed to keep sane and still achieve what you feel you need to for your personal growth.

It has been tough for me without wanting to let go of anything as I feel my heart is entrenched in it all. And some things out of necessity. I would love to hear your thoughts!

Boho Top: poshclothing

Skirt: Milijo


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Yours in Exhaustion(I know its my own fault),


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