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Assallaamulaikum my Dears. It seems as if its been ages since I last posted. I promised to do two hijab tutorials and am needing to do a very important look post, but my computer is giving me issues again. Also, Mr Me’s post was very well received, Alghamdulillah. Ebrahim and I and are considering doing a follow up post based on emails I’ve received. So, all these posts will come as soon as things return back to normality. I am so back logged as I also still need to put up my next Inspirational women Interview. 

Exciting things are on the way for memrsme apart from doing some interviews with some awesome women I have also been asked to do a few myself. This may not seem as exciting to some, but for me its pretty cool!

Back to the post at hand! This Sunday, 1 December 2013, will be the first Hijab Fashion Week held at The Atlantic Imbizo, V & A Waterfront, Hosted by Abashiya Achilles owner and designer of Fabulous in hijab in collaboration with Accentuate. I managed to chat with her a bit about the upcoming show and the thought process behind the event. 

Abashiya, describes herself, and “in no particular order as, a mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend and a dressmaker”. She says that she has always had her own individual style because she was tall with long arms and so her mom always made her clothes. She admits that she may have been spoiled in this regard as she always wore what she had herself designed. So she ended up picking up her skills at her mothers machine, she swore however, not to sew when she got older, but soon discovered that it was indeed her passion. 

Abashiya draws inspiration from “visible Islam”, and thrives on coming up with designs that are unique to each of her customers. She is also inspired by Valentino for his elegance and Alexander Mcqueen for his bold creativity.

She says that “Hijab Fashion week” is not a new concept and that many countries have done it successfully. They felt that the time was right and that South Africa, and Cape Town in particular is ready for this type of event. It’s her intention that the event not only be a fashion show but a showcase to promote and market local designers, not only to the local community but worldwide. “This is the type of event our local designers were waiting for.”, she says.

The aim is for Hijab Fashion Week SA guests to have gained confidence in knowing that there is creative and readily available modest wear in South Africa. 

Hijab fashion Week SA will be showcasing local designers in the categories of glamour wear, casual wear, swim wear etc. 

Let’s support our local designers! Hope to see you all there!

Details of the show are as follows: 

Clock Tower
V&A Waterfront
Entry R100

ACC 1060-668-971
Branch code 120-405

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