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Assalamualiakum Everyone! 

I do hope that the Ramadaan is going well for everyone in sha Allah! Can you believe that his coming Sunday will be the 15th fast in sha Allah! How time flies, so let this be a small reminder to myself and others to make the most out of this beautiful month. 
I don’t have much to post at this point as you know I want to keep the Fast month mostly clear. I do however,  have a few look posts lined up that will mostly likely only be featured after the Ramdaan including the mandatory Eid Look post. What you may see in this month still will be a post on Wudhu and also as you may or may not know (depending whether you follow my on instagram or have like my facebook page, which you can find here and here)  I was part of an Eid Catalogue that is being created by Stitched the Blog, Cape Town 360 and The Ocean Monkey. This is what you can look forward to on the blog in time to come in sha Allah! 
There are some more serious post also that I’d like to do, all I can say for now is In sha Allah. So enough with the update. 
I was lucky enough to be featured on Hijab Lourve. In case you don’t know what Hijab Lourve is, it was founded in 2010 and launched in 2013, it is a modest fashion brand that caters to women of all faiths, diverse backgrounds and lifestyles. I am featured on the blog part of their website which features anything related to fashion Islam or women they find inspirational. Which is an immense compliment as they have featured women whom I greatly admire, like Isra Speaks and Noor Tagouri, amongst others. 
Please do check out the interview here and please be so kind as to share the post! Jazakallah Ghair!
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Much love 
Me Mrs Me

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