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Salaam Everyone! It’s been a long time. Blogging is really not as easy as one may think. Apart from constantly being plagued with thoughts of, how will this be perceived? Should I write about this? Wait, I need to be who I am, but what I’m I trying to say? To actually finding the time to do this. Perhaps I do not manage my time efficiently but the fact remains it is a struggle to find a space to do this with life itself pulling me in all kinds of directions.

I am sure many of you can attest to the fact that most times there are not enough hours in the day or days of the week for that matter. This is my meek excuse not only to you oh reader but to myself, and I have come to a realisation that, that’s OKAY. There really are more important things going on but also at the same time I do enjoy doing this. Which means I do have to find a space to do this, and at the same time give it it’s due attention and time.

I am still on my way to forming my NGO and with the new year fast approaching it may be better to start afresh with it in the new year. Working leaves me very little time that I have had to spread myself out enough so that my kids get the bulk of it, and as I sit here and type I feel a grumble in my inner core of guilt… how many of you can say this happens to you?

and thats another potential blog post all on its own.

But, back to the look post because, I soon have to jot off to work soon.

This amazing Bespoke Hijabi by WH dress can be worn so many different ways.

It’s rich colour and trendy fringe belt is a must for summer!

My accessories are of courseRebel Funk! How cool is this ear piece?

With the dress I decided to show how with just slipping the fringe belt off you can create another look to the dress. I paired it with the amazing Tribal neck piece from Rebel Funk and both the bag in the looks are black cherry pieces. A dash of Pink Lipstick and your good to go. I suppose if I had changed my scarf it would really have shown how you can change the look. Added to it these cool  gladiator sandals from Mr P.

_MG_5914 _MG_5928 _MG_5930 _MG_5933 _MG_5944 _MG_5945 _MG_5946 _MG_5961 _MG_5962 _MG_5964

All these items are available locally should they appeal to your own sense of style. I do hope you all enjoyed it. With a parting thought of let’s support our local businesses, I say, until next time.

Much love to you all!!



  1. You are truly beautiful Fatima! Love how you paired these muted colours together. Have to get that dress!

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