Happy New Year! Year 2017


Wow! Can you believe its  2 0 1 7!! I’ve never really been one for ‘New Years Resolutions’, but I do feel the familiar pull of the ‘new year’ weighing on me. It’s the idea that it’s new, a fresh beginning, a start, a chance to start over, or of the sweet smell of opportunity and the chance to grab it. So in that sense, yes, I’d like to make some positive changes. Truth be told, I’m not quite sure what that is yet, I just know that there is an overall idea to do and be better, in whatever way possible.

In the last few weeks of 2016 I heard about quite a few young people passing away. This can make you really think about how you spend your days. I have been on leave and have spent it trying to give my kids the best holiday memories possible (I do hope I succeeded). What I’m saying is, this means that not only for my kids do I want to make sure I make positive changes, but also for myself to feel more fulfilled and happy with the outcome of my efforts. If it’s with my photography, work, motherhood and just being. 

This look post was taken at a wedding I attended in December. The wedding was really simple (compared to other weddings I’ve seen this year), but what made it beautiful beyond words, was the gift they had asked us to get them. It was to donate to a non profit organisation for the benefit of the needy. This really set the tone for the wedding. Something unusual for a wedding gift, but it brought with it so much warmth and blessings, it could be seen. 

I somehow want to take the beauty out of every experience I’ve had in 2016 in order to make 2017 count in every way possible. Who’s with me?







All the best to everyone of you for the New year. May it be all you need and more!

Wishing you, Love & Light


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