Hello, it’s me again…


Hello lovlies,

Wow! It has literally been a year since I last posted on this site. With starting a new job and launching a new NPO, life seems to be pulling me in all sorts of directions. I’ve never really found the time, and to be honest, made the time, because with all that has happened to and around me, where would I find the time. In a sense can’t believe I am actually doing this and to be honest, I feel a bit apprehensive.

I recently attended a Mufti Menk Lecture at the Gidmatul Islamia Masjid. His lecture was based around the idea that with a small act you can make or play a hand in making a big change. This then made me think of the time when ‘mrme’ had gone into a store and someone had asked him if he was ‘mrme’ and married to ‘memrsme’. She went on to tell him that I had inspired her to wear scarf. I was totally floored by this and it made me remember what I had set out to do with this blog. Which is in essence part of the reason I am here again.

With that being said I have also embarked on a wonderful journey with 3 other amazing women of varied ages, strengths and visions in what was formed the Modest Fashion Squad. Where we aim to inspire, be inspired and share in our stories with you all. Please do follow our page if you don’t already or our Insta.

To Rushda, Roshan and our baby sister, Laaiqah, thank you for being a source of strength, courage and constant inspiration to me!

I do hope you enjoy this look post. I admit I am super rusty and I think it will take some time and a bit of dedication to get back into the swing of things. 







The gilet is from Shamilla Fashions bought at the Modest Fashion Expo, Jeans are Neuw from One Day Only and Shoes are Steve Madden.

Until next time loves!

Much Love 


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  1. gad you back! Keep being the inspiration that you are! Love you much from a some 1000 km’s away ☺

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