Hijab Tutorial 2-4 | First Ever YouTube Video

Salaam my lovelies! So, I finally managed to upload the hijab tutorial video that was meant to go onto the Europa Design Emporium Fashion show CD giveaway. If you follow my Facebook page, you will know that due to some technical issues the Europa Team experienced, my video was unable to load onto the disc. I thereafter decided not to waste my many days of angst on creating the video and ultimately doing it 4 times over. To be quite honest I am still not happy with how I sound in the video.  I’m afraid of sounding dumb, of sounding snobbish, of sounding unprofessional… Please don’t be discouraged after watching it, I will try my best to be more natural in from of the video camera. It was very daunting, I must admit.
Anyway, it is my hope that you enjoy the video non the less!
It is a 3 in one video, consisting of two hijab tutorials and one Turban tutorial. Happy Watching. 
You feedback is greatly appreciated, and will surely help me to better my video skills, so please leave a comment, share, and like!
Lots of love!


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