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Hey Lovelies! Dare I say…. I’m back!

Being missing in action, can be attributed, to the fact that I was the sickest I have been in a while, my kids have also been in and out with the flu/cold, coupled with work and other family obligations. The blog always seems to take a back seat when real life comes into play. Truth be told however, I have not been inspired much lately and therefore the blog has been left dry. 
What better way then to kick off with a look post geared to inspire! This was the dress I posted up on Instagram that hubsie had bought me for my birthday! It’s print and feel of the fabric is simply mouth watering and truly makes me feel good! I added my cropped denim jacket to give it a bit more of a casual edge and to the outfit. Pairing it with a biker jacket with some gold plated platforms can really add more grit to an otherwise feminine feel.
 The dress, has that perfect gathered, cut that makes me feel fuller rather than making me look too thin, which is sometimes the case with my clothes.

Bag: Guess, Johannesburg Airport
Jewellery: Rebel Funk
Scarf Styling: memrsme
Scarf: Sawants
Denim Jacket: China Town
I hope you enjoyed this post. I will very soon be posting quite a big giveaway in celebration on the blogs birthday. Please keep a look put for that! 
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Until next time loves!
Me Mrs Me

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