Look Post | Day to Night with a Kimono

Salaam everyone! 
The end of the year is approaching rapidly and with that people become inundated with work looking forward to the festive season break. The same rings true for me with this time of the year being wedding season. 
I have however had a quite a few free days which has I have filled with my need to explore my creativity (some very exciting personal projects). I try very much to balance my days with off days and busy days. 
I have however been finding it very difficult to shoot look posts. This past weekend I decided that I needed to get something out and shot a quick look post in the back yard. 
This is how I would go from a simply casual day outfit, to a slightly more dressed up version of it. Kimono’s are all the rage this season and I couldn’t agree more! It’s so very versatile and can be worn in a casual manner and just as simply dressed up. It’s perfect for the spring summer season and a definite modest piece. 
In this look, I simply wore these lovely salmon leather sandals with my to die for, Vintage Rose statement piece, to add a touch of glam to the casual look. I added the Kimono and some heels to convert to a daytime dressy look. 

 Necklace – Vintage Rose Ziba Styles
Sandals – Mr P
In terms of look posts, I have a Europa Designs Culotte that I wore to the Fashion Passion event I attended. I didn’t manage to take any pictures (due to me forgetting the camera bag on the table at home) so I will have to recreate it. 
I hope that some of you caught my interview on the Voice of the Cape Radio last week saturday. I will try to post some clips that my sister in law recorded from the interview soon. Also, some time in November our interview with the An Nur show will be aired so please keep a look out for that. 
Until next time loves! Keep is you and keep it modest!
Me Mrs Me

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