Look Post | Denim on Denim and voting giveaway!

Salaam my lovely Ducks! If you haven’t heard this phrase before its something that came naturally to me that I have fondly called my babies! It seemed apt to address my readers as such today. 
It has been what seems like ages since I last blogged! I have, all thanks to the Almighty, been very busy Alghamdulillah!. I literally squeezed this post into the weekend and as a result I am back on the saddle and it really does feel good! 
I have done the denim on denim trend quite a few times but just never photographed it for a look post. I decided to do it sunday when I found myself wearing the trend to a breakfast with the ladies. 
On a side note, I had never been to Alhambra before and it was quite a pleasant surprise! What I truly like about it is that it’s pretty enough, the food was good and I’m like 2 minutes away from it! So, when I get my kiddo’s to sleep, I’m thinking for hubby and I to pop in there for some couple time. In case you didn’t already know, Alhambra is the restaurant that forms part of the Academia and Masjid of Islamia college. 
As you all may know, I have entered the Citra Style Model Casting Contest. I did a post where I asked you guys what photo I should submit, which you can read here. It is now the last week to vote and I am seriously behind. Although, to be quite honest, not too bad considering I’m number 28th or so in a 246th or so entrant competition. I cannot begin to express how amazing it would be to win this! I would get to go to Dubai, be the second face of Citra Style, Model along side Yazthespaz and shoot with one of my inspirations, Lisa Vogl. Not to mention how cool won’t it be for a South African Blogger to be on such a platform?
I have received some amazing support so far, that I am truly humbled by! Thank you all so much!!

If you have not voted already, please vote for me and ask as many people as you know to vote for me too! One very lucky voter will receive a Rebel Funk goodie bag! So please help me and get voting for me here

In this look I paired a light denim from Mr P with my light denim shirt from china town. My jewellery that exude punk rock are from my sisters brand, that I often help with; Rebel Funk. I decided to keep it simple, with what I call my trusty’s. These nude babies are my go-to-shoe, they are comfortable and look good, in my opinion, with anything. I am sure all women have a pair of trusty’s somewhere in your shoe closet, if you are so inclined to own one.  My cheap-cheap, scarf is from a little shop in Imam Haron road, called Covered Pearls.  My key item here, is my rich black Hyde and Seek envelope bag, that I was so lucky to have been gifted! 

I hope you enjoyed my short and sweet post! Please get voting and sharing, Your support is highly appreciated! Until the next post sweet peas!

Much Love

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