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Assallamu Alaikum all you lovely souls! 
After a lengthy deliberation, it was decided that Eid would be on Monday. Most of us however, expected Eid to be on Tuesday and this would have had many of us better prepared. Personally, I would have appreciated one more day of our blessed month, but Allah knows best. It was also the general consensus that the majority of South Africa celebrate Eid on the same day as opposed to many other Eids being celebrated on different days due to the ongoing debate on when Eid truly is. So in this regard well done South Africa on the unity!

I therefore I bid you all blessed  Eid Mubarak!

I do hope it was a indeed a blessed day filled with celebration as Allah has decreed this day for us to celebrate. I do however, reiterate that in our celebration we should not forget those whom are not able to celebrate this day due to the ongoing violence that plagues their countries. My fervent dua this year is that Allah gives them respite form their suffering and soon grant them Freedom In Sha Allah.
Now on a much more frivolous matter. I have been having an inner battle on having posted about matters and including most of my thoughts being consumed by the suffering around the world. It seemed so unimportant what I wore and it seemed that I just couldn’t warrant a post after all the rest of issues that matters in this world. I thought though that in order for my blog to remain what my intention was for it, I must continue to put up some lighter material, so to speak.

So here you have my Eid look Post.

I was intending to wear the Limited Edition: Sacred by Milli Jo dress that Hubsie bought me for my birthday. This led me to not worry about Eid clothes at all. I dint end up wearing the dress though as sister got me this lovely green Abaya! I belted it to give it a bit more of a layered look. 
The head band I’m wearing just seems to complete the entire look. It’s a gold band made by the sweetheart of a lady Aashiqah G! Thanks so much Aashiqah! I’m in love with this piece! Check out Aashiqah’s other creations on her instagram here!   

In up coming posts, I will be posting about the Eid catalogue and also the #Eidforall drive I was lucky enough to be apart of! So, until next time loves!

Much Love!

Me Mrs Me


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