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Salaam all! So this will be my last post for 2013… I see all the bloggers posting their final posts for the year and I thought that I’d post mine on Monday, but I’m moving yet again and probably won’t have time to. This post makes me really sad to be honest, because through all the hub hub of not having a computer, trying to get my work off my old computer, and shoot after shoot, I seemed to have lost most of the pictures from this post. I was really sad because I lost some awesome pictures taken with my baby while shooting this look! In any case, its been too manic to reshoot, so I decided that before the contest is over I’d post up the few that I am lucky enough to have saved.

This look was styled purely because I wanted to do a post for the Modest Street Fashion Contest. The big prize of course is a shoot with Langston Hues to be featured in the book! I can’t begin to express how tremendously awesome it would have been for the memrsme blog!!  If any of you don’t know what the Modest Street Fashion Book is about, its a book of fashionable yet, modestly attired women and their take on what is now deemed as modest fashion. The book already features some of the great bloggers we all know, such as Dina Tokio, Amenakin, The hijab blog, to name a few. It seems though, that I have really been off base and off track lately since I didn’t realise that the competition ends 1 January 2014. So, with only a few days left for the competition, I doubt that I will get the amount of likes needed to win. It was fun though even to be just a tiny part of it.

About the look. I hunted for some clothes and accessories for my vision. The main clothing piece is my Sacred by Mili Jo printed high waisted trousers. It is the perfect cut for a comfortable, sickly stylish and Modest pants! My electric blue blazer is old (bought in China town, two sizes too big) but thought it would add a bang to the outfit since I added a plain black shirt beneath. With the collar buttoned up I decided a turban would add to the Modest Street idea. It needed something extra though. I had wanted a Hyde & Seek envelope clutch for some time and their sale came at the perfect time. I ordered the red but then thought that I should rather go with the blue. Alleyah however, suggested I stick with the red and darn was it good advise! This classic clutch pulled my entire look together. I could not have asked for two better brands to be with me, so to speak, in this post. Ofourse, I am also wearing a Rebel Funk neck piece that seems like it was made for the look.

Thank you so very much to all who have liked the picture. If you have not, it won’ hurt to like, so please do. (Ha ha) Maybe, just maybe, by some stroke of, let say,  imaginary luck, I can win!

Here is the link just in case (**wink wink**) Its only likes on this link that count so please click like!


What do you guys think?

 Until next year my lovelies! Have a great new years and enjoy the rest of the holidays!

Much love


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