Look Post | Oversized Jersey with Volume Hijab and Citra Style aftermath


Salaam Everyone! I have been dealing with the so called aftermath of not having made it in the Citra Style competition. With the amount of effort many of the contestants including myself put into getting votes, not having even made it in the top 7 should have left me feeling defeated. On the contrary the competition left me feeling truly supported and immensely grateful. 
Many people rallied to vote and campaigned for me, the support was truly overwhelming! It left me feeling and knowing that Allah has a better plan. 
Just to give you some sort of an update…
In my campaign to get votes I attempted to vote for each and everyone one of the contestants and ask for their vote in return. Now understand,  that there were over 200 contestants and it would obviously take some time. On day one I only got through the first half of the first page. I continued the next day. On the third day the order of the names changed. This confused me and I ended up abandoning the process. I however connected with some amazing women through this process Alghamdulilah :). 
Then, Citra Style started eliminating contestants that had fraudulent votes. Some of the friends I made were knocked out of the competition and I truly feel bad for them. The truth is that some people are capable of orchestrating fraudulent votes but what about the women who wouldn’t? They maybe should have considered eliminating the soured votes instead of disqualifying and see how the contestants lay in the running with only their legitimate votes. 
In the end though what was never meant to be won’t be. When the competition waned to an end, I was number 14. Not bad I say, not bad at all.  Also, Alghamdullilah, I may have been missing out on some great opportunities at home if I had gone to Dubai! Allah alone knows best.  

In my look I’m wearing this really cool leopard print oversized jersey. I have been looking for ages for one. An oversized jersey in the right proportions can be any Hijabi’s best friend. They do an excellent job in covering up and this one is so soft and super comfortable. It was bought at Wing Girl. 
To complete the look, I made my hijab with some volume and added my black Mary Jane type platforms from HQ, which also has a leopard print detail at the back. I’ve decided that if I feel the look I’ll just shoot wherever I am, so that I don’t stagnate my blog. 

I have been trying to upload my hijab tutorial to youtube, with some failed attempts. As soon as it is up I will also post it here and I have a great interview coming up in the next post and a possible Husband post. So until then my loves, keep it you and keep it modest!

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