Look Post | Reviving Eid clothes for day time looks

Asalaamualaikum (peace be upon you) my lovelies! 
I’ve been trying to find an opportunity to wear this top for a while now. I wore it for the First Eid after I started blogging. It always felt too fancy for just any day, like going out with the hubby but not wanting to over do it. So, for this look I attempted to dress it down. To be quite honest I am not sure if I succeeded but this is how I styled it to give it a more toned down look. 
The blessed month of Ramadaan will be coming up soon, and I am sure we are all looking forward to it! This will be a time when I take a break from blogging about trivial things or possibly from blogging on a whole. It is after all a time to reflect and make the most out of that precious gift. If I am to blog at all, it may be about things that I find can be helpful in some way or other. 
I wish you all a wonderful next few days! Until next time peeps! Oh! and by the by, I have heard that my blog is getting some attention lately, which is pretty awesome in that I have been making young girls realise that wearing a scarf does in no way has to be less fashionable than otherwise. However,  my blog name seemed to be confusing people. I therefore would like to sign my blog from now onwards as….
 Me Mrs Me
Keep sharing my friends.


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