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Asalaamualaikum Everyone!

I hope you are all well! So it’s my anniversary today and over the weekend my mrme surprised me with some goodies from Spree! I must admit that since winning the Spree Voucher with Skip I have a new found love and slight obsession with online shopping. I had shopped online before, with Mr P and had always opted to go collect the item in store. With winning the Spree voucher it opened up a whole new world of shopping to me. I know I must be so late on the uptake here, but if any of you are hesitant to shop online I can say with absolute honesty, that it truly is a seamless experience. The only problem I found was  the slight disappointment when an item does not fit you, so as opposed to going in to the shop and fitting it on, but with Spree they collect! How awesome is that!

Now, I have been raving to my husband about how much I love Spree and also mentioned to him a few times that I wanted a dungaree. However, it seemed a no go for a ‘hijabi’ but a dungaree holds memories of those younger days and with it making a come back I just had to. This particular one is loose fitting in that way perfect! I love being comfortable so what better way then with a trucker, laid back, cool look a dungaree gives.

I thought I’d turban up to look to add to its relaxed vibe.




Dungaree – All about Eve Spree

Takkies – Tommy Takies

Turban – East West Designs

Turban Styling – Me Mrs Me

Lip Stick -Ruby Woo Mac

Coming up on the blog, I need to put together what I wore to the Palestine Fashion show and also give-away!

Until Next time!

Much Love



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