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Hey everyone! Ramdaan Mubarak! It’s been ages I know… I know… I realised that I have been neglecting my blog, and have promised to do a give-away, also promised that I would be telling you all about the journey memrsme is now taking. I am not entirely sure what this particular blog post should be about to be honest. Perhaps I have been out of the scene for too long and that I somehow need a warm up to get back into the game. So here we go….

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This edgy look was inspired by this jacket my hubby bought me for my birthday. Truly it was a fantastic birthday week, mrme spoilt me rotten, from flowers, the most adorable jars of birthday cake, the surprise getaway, not forgetting a new garment of clothing each day. Alghamdulilah! I am lucky (sorry did not mean to brag)!

I didn’t manage to get a maxi-T when they were all the rage, so when I saw this  dress in Mr P, I had to get it. It was the closest thing I could get to a maxi-T in the heart of winter. I paired this look with last season’s ankle boots from cotton on and finished off with stunning red indian inspired scarf pin by Aashiqah G. My midi rings are of course from Rebel Funk (one unfortunately fell off my finger prior to the shoot.

As I sit here trying to figure out what else to say, beside the look post, I realise that today a fellow blogger and friend Rube’s Closet posted about my Hope for the Orphans of War benefit dinner, which you can read here. This brings me to the only possible thing worthy of writing about.

Whilst memrsme started out as a fun way to express myself and maintain some edge and dress sense in this journey of hijab. I must admit that its been a very challenging journey one that I’m sure all of you that are on can attest to, and so, like any journey it leads you to a destination of sorts. I may not be at the end of the journey yet, but I feel like it will be taking a more positive route soon. Having always felt an innate sense of empathy for the less fortunate. I have decided to use this platform to give back. With this came the idea of ‘memrsme’s Hope for the Orphans of War‘ benefit dinner.

Building on this I would like have an annual Hope for the Orphans dinner, whereby I could raise funds for different organisations that are have taken on the responsibility of caring for individuals stricken with grief and hardship. With that being said, look out for announcements  in the near future regarding the new road I will be travelling. Wish me luck! I hope to see you all at these future events!

Lots of Love


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