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Asallaamu ‘alaikum Everyone! As promised here is my post for the wedding I attended late last year. That is, such a strange notion that people usually quip about every January, when they say ‘last year’, as if it were ages ago when in truth it was just a few weeks or even mere days ago. The December – January period has fast become what is called Wedding Season here in South Africa. This could be attributed to the fact that we spend what is our holiday period soaking up the sun, whereas in countries like America their holiday period is draped in snow. As much as I, as I am sure most of you do, absorb the atmosphere that December and the summer sun brings, I’d still love to experience trudging in snow, bundled in layers of warmth and building snowman. One day, In Sha Allah! I do remember going once to Ceres when in snowed when I was younger. It’s a rarity that is a must do!

Now, the fact that it’s summer poses some pretty uncomfortable realities for hijabi’s. I personally have struggled to find a hijab style that works with the heat. Most of them make me feel stifled and I lose water rapidly (I tried to find the best way to describe it without sounding… just plain gross). So, I opted for something that is loose around the neck area, as I find that it’s where I feel most constricted. I gently drape the scarf around my head and neck so that the wind can find it’s way through there. I have asked many hijabi’s how do they cope in summer and most of them reply that they are just used to it. I will get there, in sha Allah.

I’m totally in love with this dress as it’s the perfect summer piece for a Hijabi. Its loose yet really elegant. It’s from my favourite designer right now, Sacred by Mili Jo. Check her out, you won’t be sorry. I’ll be doing a review on her line soon, in sha Allah.

On a side note, I had a hair cut ages ago that I haven’t shared with you guys. It’s Pixie!! Something I have always wanted to try but never found the nerve. The fact that I wear hijab has given me the boost to do it, since, if it looked bad, no one would see it anyway. Then, I realised I had to figure out a way to put my flower in. In the beginning it kept falling down and ruining my hijab style, but I managed to make it work eventually. I have been asked by a few ladies with short hair how I do it, so I’ll show you in an upcoming tutorial.

Until the next post!

Much Love

Oh! and It’s World Hijab Day on the 1st of February! If you’re interested I’d love you guys to email me if your up for the challenge. I’ll take some snaps and you can tell me a bit more about the experience. It will be a great post that we can all help create to spread awareness and a create better understanding on what Hijab is and represents! Let’s do this! Together!


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