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Salaam Everyone.

I hope that this year has started off great for everyone. I have put the blog on hold for what seems like forever because from December right through till about February/March is what is known as wedding season here in South Africa. With that, I have been quite busy Alghamdulillah. That being said, I am very behind with anything blog related. I thought, that with a few minutes to spare, I’d share with you guys the experience I had at the #SummerofWOW with Telkom.

In December we were invited to The Summer of wow experiential campaign, where Telkom offered us a unique insight on their latest technology. I’m so bad with directions that it took me awhile to find this little makeshift home. I was surprised to find this little, yet fully functional interactive home which showcased Telkoms new smart home packages. This is basically a LTE router that can be connected with up to a whopping 32 devices at one time. In case you didn’t know, LTE is the fastest  internet out there and since we are living in the technology age I doubt I need to explain any further why  fast internet is one the most wanted commodities.

There were multiple devices that were operating at the same time, at the Home of Wow  in Canal walk yet the connection to the internet remained in tact  and with superfast connections. We were even able to connect wirelessly by way of live streaming with our own devices to listen to a live performance by Jeremy Loops from a sound proof room.

I personally was completely impressed. Fast internet and internet connectivity for all is a norm in other countries. It’s about time SA took that step.

If your interrested in this and  you want to turn your home into a hotspot, try visiting the Telkom website, like Telkom on Facebook or follow @TelkomZA on Twitter for more info on the #SummerofWow

Catch you all again soon I hope! Next stop, Sisters in Hijab and Little Big Event planners Fashion in Aid of Palestine!

Much love

Me Mrs Me

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